Underfloor Heating

Polypipe LogoHeating technology has advanced considerably, and floor heating is now much more affordable and an efficient way of heating homes. Installing floor heating opens up a whole range of possibilities for homeowners, revolutionising interior design and creating comfortable, gentle and even heat.

Polypipe under floor heating - solid or screeded floor

Polypipe Underfloor HeatingPolypipe under floor heating in solid or screeded floors incorporates the unique Polypipe screeded floor panel. The lightweight plastic floor panels nest for easy storage and carrying.

Polypipe has the perfect solution for installing underfloor heating into solid or screeded floors. Utilising our unique lightweight plastic floor panels, which are quick and easy to cut to size, it is possible to fit Polypipe underfloor heating into any shaped room.

Polypipe solid floor panels form a simple grid to ensure the fastest possible pipe laying and also provide a precise guide for the pipe, ensuring that the minimum pipe bending radius is achieved. The panels are laid above pre-installed insulation and the system includes edging insulation strip to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.

Polypipe underfloor heating systems can be used with the following solid floor constructions:

  • Sand and cement screed (4:1 mix)
  • Pumped screed systems (anhydrite, etc.)
  • Fine or heavy concrete
  • Polymer modified screeds

Polypipe Modular Heating Panels

Polypipe Modular Heating PanelsModular Heating Panels from Polypipe enable quick and simple installation of underfloor heating into suspended floors in both new build and renovation projects.

Installing underfloor heating into upper floors can be challenging, even in new build projects. Most conventional underfloor heating systems comprise a single section of pipe, housed or placed within another part of the system structure, such as floor panels, which are cut to size on site. This works fine as there are no interruptions to the laying of the pipe. In a suspended floor, however, the pipe, plates and insulation have to fit within an obvious obstruction: the supporting floor joists. It is working around the joists, and avoiding other services, that has often led to underfloor heating being avoided in upper floors.

As the name suggests, a Modular Heating Panel (MHP) is a pre-configured solution, where all of the floor heating system elements are supplied fitted within complete panels, which are simply fitted and connected together on site. Thanks to MHP it is now possible to fit panels quickly into the existing joist voids and connect them to a standard heat source.

MHP works with both traditional and engineered joists and can be fitted from above or below.

Maximising Heat Efficiency

Due to their high output at relatively low flow temperatures, Modular Heating Panels are ideal for maximising heat efficiency and lowering energy consumption. In most installations it is not necessary to cover the entire floor area MHP panels work like "underfloor radiators", applying enough heat to only those areas of the floor that need to be heated and using just enough of them to maintain a suitable room temperature.

For a room temperature of 20°C for example, only 80% floor coverage is required to provide 70W/m2 or around 6O% for 50W/m2 This unlque product benefit also makes MHP an Ideal solution when using heat pumps.

The flexibility panel placement provided by MHP means that floor areas to be covered by items such as built-in wardrobes or baths and shower cubicles can be avoided without detriment the overall heating provlslon.

  • MHP is available in 4 panel sizes comprising 2 lengths and 2 widths:
  • MHP available lengths: I .3m and 2.0m
  • MHP available widths: 380mm and 490mm

OVERLAY™ - Underfloor heating that fits over existing floors

Polypipe Overlay ™Overlay™ is a unique low profile floor heating system ideal for both renovation and new build projects.

Installed over the existing floor and only 18mm in depth, Overlay™ allows floor heating to be installed where traditional underfloor systems would either require expensive excavation or would require the floor to be raised to an unacceptable level.

The Overlay™ system is available in 2 panel types to allow for installation to all build types and floor coverings.

Overlay™ panel is a fibrous panel used for heavyweight floor coverings such as ceramics, or where the floor covering needs to be secured directly to the panel e.g. solid wood.

Overlay™ Lite is a high compressive strength lightweight insulated panel used for lightweight floor coverings e.g. laminate, engineered wood, carpet etc. Due to its ease of handling and cutting it is also more suitable for larger areas and multiple room installations. Overlay™ systems use a 12mm pipe at 150mm pipe centres and provide excellent response times and heat output compared with traditional built in underfloor solutions and are therefore ideal for both traditional heating systems and low temperature renewable systems.

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