Timber Frame Buildings

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Through our close working relationship with Kestrel Timber Frame, we can provide a complete one stop shop for Timber Frame Buildings. From your working drawings we will undertake the conversion to Timber Frame, this includes producing Panel designs and also the engineered solutions to Floors and Roofs.

As part of our ongoing research into new building systems, we are working with Kestrel Timber Frame to explore cost effective solutions to meet the Sustainable Homes codes.

Kestrel Timber Frame

Timber Frame Building Kestrel Timber Frame manufactures timber frames for buildings. The frames are designed and constructed in-house and erection is then done by its highly experienced team. This makes it possible for builders to construct a complete home in a fraction of the time required by conventional construction techniques.

By using timber frames developers are able to control costs and reduce the amount of time it takes to construct new homes, helping it to remain ahead in the current highly competitive housing market.

As well as speed of construction, timber frames offer other advantages:

  • Foundations needed for timber frame buildings are often less extensive – and less expensive– than those required for buildings built entirely with traditional bricks and blocks.
  • Timber frames also make it easier to meet the increasingly strict legal requirements for energy efficiency in buildings – a benefit not just for the builder but also for the people who subsequently occupy the property.
  • All Kestrel’s timber is obtained from guaranteed sustainable forest sources, adding to the environmental benefits of this method of construction.

Framework procurement

PFHDeepings Building & Plumbing Supplies is a member of the Procurement for Housing (PFH) scheme. This means that we are an approved source of materials that meet central purchasing price and quality criteria.

Timber Frame ConstructionPFH is the only national procurement organisation dedicated to the social housing sector. As a PFH approved supplier, we can provide housing associations and registered providers of social housing with the confidence that they are receiving the best possible product at the best possible price to suit their needs.

Timber Cladding

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The A. Proctor Group has partnered with maibec® specialist manufacturer of quality factory stained solid wood for external cladding.

maibec® provides the rich beauty of natural wood without any fuss and also maintenance free, at a price that is sure to please. maibec® has been a leading manufacturer for over 20 years, with its exclusive 100% control over all steps of production.

The result, wood cladding that has a warranty for 50 years against wood decay, and 18 years on stain extendable for another 15 years.

maibec® Timber Cladding Profiles

maibec® timber cladding profiles

Distinctive - Sustainable - Durable

maibec®'s factory-stained solid wood cladding is the real thing; what imitation products strive to duplicate.

Wood is the only renewable building material, durable, distinctive and supported by comprehensive warranties.

Wood has visual impact, wood looks good with everything.

Sensitive to the expectations of today's consumer, maibec® cladding is backed by solid warranties to protect one's investment.

Guided by a profound respect for the environment, maibec® arbors proudly its FSC certification as a cladding mill.

Example maibec® House

Example maibec® House


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