Thermal Insulation

Energy efficiency and heat loss reduction are key considerations in the design of every new building. We offer an extensive range of thermal insulation products for every application.

As thermal insulation requirements continue to grow, the industry is under increasing pressure to meet these requirements and the ever more stringent u-values demanded by them. Coupled with this is the common desire amongst developers to make optimum use of the site to provide maximum accommodation at minimum footprint dimensions, leading to the increased use of the roofspace for so-called 'room in the roof' applications.

SIG Sustainable Solutions

Greenloft Roll

Green Loft RollGreenloft is an Ofgem approved, flexible, low density, high performance thermal insulator designed primarily for loft insulation. It is made almost entirely from waste plastic bottles, providing a high performance eco-friendly alternative to more traditional mineral wool insulation. 200mm of Greenloft reduces heat loss by up to 90% through the ceiling compared to an uninsulated loft.

Greenloft performs extremely well both thermally and acoustically and, unlike mineral wool insulation, it is non-irritant and there are no floating fibres that could potentially be inhaled. Environmentally, Greenloft not only helps to save energy in use it also helps to reduce energy consumption in its manufacture because it is made from recycled materials.

Product Benefits

  • Good thermal and acoustic insulator
  • Compressed rolls to aid installation
  • Made from 90% recycled materials and fully recyclable
  • Non-irritant, no floating fibres
  • Unaffected by moisture
  • Stable and durable so insulation value maintained
  • Unaffected by mould, mildew and rot
  • Resistant to vermin and insect attack
  • Zero GWP (Global Warming Potential) and Zero ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential)

Greenloft is supplied in compressed 8m rolls, 375mm wide and 100mm thick, it is also available in other dimensions on request. The product is supplied polythene packed, to reduce storage space and make the product easier to transport and aid loft access. It recovers quickly and rolls out easily.

A Proctor Group

Proctor Group offer an extensive range of thermal insulation products for every application.

Key Points

Proctor Spacetherm

  • Multi-foil reflective systems to assist in compliance with the new Thermal regulations offering the benefits of a thin but resilient solution using space age technology
  • Thermal laminates insulation bonded to plasterboard, chipboard or plywood and cut to the customer's exact specifications.
  • Extruded polystyrene Styrofoam cut to thickness for a variety of applications such as panels, doors and insulated gutters.
  • ProSpan WRS delivering the complete warm roof system solution for new build incorporating Polyisosianurate fabricated to fit over and between rafters and supplied with Roofshield and PR nail fixings.

Proctor Spacetherm®-F

Proctor Spacetherm FSpacetherm® F is a high performance thermal laminate which comprises Spacetherm® insulation blanket laminated to Fermacell, for use internally in applications where low u-values are required but space is limited. The Spacetherm® F Lining boards can achieve similar thermal performance to traditional plasterboard laminates, but at a fraction of the thickness. This allows designers greater flexibility and higher performance for refurbishment projects.

The Unique strength and fire resistance properties of Fermacell and the excellent thermal insulation properties of Spacetherm® combine to give a versatile insulated lining board. Spacetherm® F is Approved by OFGEM as an Energy Saving Measure and is funded, in certain applications, by British Gas.

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